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            Enterprise culture

            I. Trust and respect individuals, respect employees,

            II. Pursue the highest achievement, pursue the best,

            III. Do things uprightly, do not deceive users or employees, do not do immoral things

            IV. The company succeeds relying on the strength of everyone instead of a certain individual.

            V. Believe continuous innovation, do things at certain flexibility,

            VI. Love Huapeng Laser, pay attention to the interests of the whole, do not care about personal gains or losses 

            VII. Never give up when meeting difficulties and setbacks, continuously seek breakthroughs and achieve success 

            VIII.Continuously set higher goals. The best performance today is the lowest requirement tomorrow. 

            IX. Continuously learn, perfect oneself, do things in a result-oriented way

            X. Customers: the enterprise must listen to and know customer requirements, meet these requirements and then exceed customer expectations. Our mission is to become the most innovative enterprise and become a highly respected supplier in the served market. The enterprise is bound to keep high product quality and continuously innovate to create higher value for customers.