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            SHINHOP LASER Remind LASER WELDINNG MACHINE Anti-freeze protection in Witer

            Writer:SHINHOP Number of visits: Date:2016-10-31 10:56

            Dear SHINHOP User:

            In the Northern Hemisphere, Cold winter is coming.

            And the low temperature will lead the laser and cooling machine pipe freeze, because the ice density are less than the water density. Freeze leads the laser and cooling interior volumes expand, it will make the cooling pipe explode or out of shape, that damages LASER WELDING MACHINE key part.

            So we must do the right anti-freezing work.

            1. In strict accordance with the storage temperature and operating temperature to store and use lasers and chillers. Should try to ensure that the ambient temperature can not be less than 5 degrees Celsius to meet the normal use of lasers and chiller conditions, to avoid failure or affect the stability of the performance of the laser.

            2. In the case of no power failure, do not turn off the laser at night and the chiller, at the same time for energy saving, low temperature and room temperature water temperature adjusted to 5 ~ 10 ℃, to ensure that the cooling fluid in the circulating state and temperature not lower than the freezing point.

            If can not sure the laser machine and cooling staying power on operations, then, need to be do the anti-freezing below:

            Method 1.After daily using, clean out the liquid of laser machine, laser output head, cooling internal liquid.


            Please drain the liquid of the cooling, laser machine, laser output head, process head, and all internal pipe , and use lower than 0.4Mpa(4bar)pressure to blow-dry, during ventilate and drain away water be careful to check the QBH laser output head cooling freezing liquid inlet and outlet direction( if do not have “inlet and outlet direction”, then can enter the gas to any direction),”in” is inlet, “out” is outlet, this must enter the gas through inlet. If blow to QBH outlet will damage the internal fiber(because the airflow’s flow rate are high).

            Method 2. Use anti-freezing liquid for coolant.

            Anti-freezing liquid’s basic liquid normally made by alcohol and water, require boiling point and flash point high than heat and transmission power, and weaker low temperature viscosity, not easy to made bubble, not corrosion metal, rubber hose etc. when Choose or deploy the anti-freezing liquid, the freezing point should lower than the using surrounding lowest temperature 5℃。

            Suggest use auto dedicated anti-freezing liquid, we recommend choose brand (CLARIANT), apply to laser system’s anti-freezing have two model:

            1) AntifrogenN  Ethylene glycol - water type (industrial product, harmful for human body)

            2) AntifrogenL Propylene glycol - water type (food grade, harmless for human body)

            Attention: Any anti-freezing can not replace deionized water, don’t perennial use. After winter, must use deionized water or purified water to clean all the pipe,and use reuse the deionized water or purified water for the cooling liquid.

            Please attach importance to above technology content. By charge each area after-sales responsible to inform all the UW user, to make sure UW user to understand and work on it, if laser machine and cooling damage cause to freezing is not in the guarantee period maintain.


            Best regards!

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