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            Yangshuo Tour 2013 Excellent Employees and the Company's Management

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            Yangshuo tour 2013 excellent employees and the company's management
            New Year's day trip to yangshuo company management and its excellent employees
            Company not holds regular staff travel each year, enrich employee life, another company for the staff birthday party activities, during which both gifts and lottery, program performance, interactive games, brilliant link, at the same time, prepared food for employees to enjoy buffet, let people feel "home" warmth and happiness;Company to enrich employees amateur cultural life, participation and the basketball match held regularly every year, claw, table tennis, tug-of-war, karaoke contest, speech contest, the Spring Festival evening party, etc., and constantly improve the staff's team collaboration ability, talent and discover employees to show;Under the company's strong support and encouragement, staff spontaneously formed a riding club, mountain climbing club, dancing club, roller skating club, photography club and so on more than 10 a community, we regularly organize various activities, and participate in external activities or competitions;Company organizes the staff to go out tourism, let employees in the work piece fully enjoying a happy life;In addition, the company in the major traditional festival comes (example: the Mid-Autumn festival, Dragon Boat Festival, the Lantern Festival, etc.), also carefully prepared for each employee a unforgettable holiday gifts.
            To form the overall study, enterprise atmosphere, which strove to be the first company set up specialized libraries and reading rooms, for the produced learning of employees;Company annual excellent employee at the same time, a good team leader tournament selection and working skills and other activities, the selection and recognition if has outstanding work.

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