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            • Name: Flying Laser Marking Machine, Printing Machine, Laser Line Marking
            • NO.: HPL-CFX30
            • Date: 2013-05-07
            • Views : 1312


            CO2 flying laser marking machine is our special designing for the electronics, pharmaceutical, tobacco, leather, packaging, foods and other industries laser marking application.

            It can mark all the nonmetal materials very well.



            Matching Type HP10A HP30A





            Output Power 10w 30w
            Wavelength 10.64um
            Repeat Frequency ≤50khz
            Marking Scope 110mm x 110mm
            Marking Speed ≤7000mm/s
            Min. Line Width 0.015mm
            Characters Type English letters, numbers, production date and punctuations
            Marking Depth ≤3mm
            Max. Production Line Speed 30m/ min 70m/ min
            Coding Lines ≤8 lines
            Input Power 0.6kw 1.5kw
            Electrical Source 220V/ single-phrase circuit/ 50Hz (or 0
            3A 8A

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