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            • Name: 600W LASER WELDING MACHINE
            • NO.: 600W LASER WELDING MACHINE
            • Date: 2017-04-13
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            Place of origin Guangdong,China(Mainland)
            Brand name SHINHOP
            Model number HPL-600A
            Laser type YAG
            Color Grey & Blue
            Application Precise metal welding,spot welding






            Standard package Main engine and fiber input output system
            External communication RS 485
            Power supply AC380V±10% 3P+N+PE 50/60HZ
            Max input current 60A
            Machine power consumption 18KW
            Air switch 100A
            Max single input power 3.3KW
            Transfer efficiency ≥3%
            Max laser power 600W
            Max pulse energy 100J
            Peak power 9.9KW
            Single pulse width 0.5ms~30ms
            Successive pulse width(1sec.) 200ms/s
            Pulse frequency 1~300Hz
            Power line configuration 10sq.m/5core
            Amount of Krypton lamp 1
            Laser wavelength 1064nm
            Focal Spot Diameter 0.1mm~1.2mm
            Welding depth 3mm
            Fiber input output system Able to configure 4 ways at most
            Closed-loop feedback control mode Energy negative feedback
            Coolling Type Water cooling
            Size of host 650W*1330L*1000H
            Fiber Type Mitsubishi GI/SI
            Applied fields

            Battery,mobile phone,IT component,solar energy,eye-glasses,electronotor,photons communication,capaciter,etc.


            Adopt CCD monitoring system,convenient for precise positioning and watching;

            The energy of welding spot distributes evenly to assure the good effect;

            Suitable for different kinds of complicated welding,spot welding and seam welding.



            Payment&Shipping Terms:



            Minimum Order Quantity 1 unit
            Delivery Time Within 30 days
            Payment Terms L/C,T/T,Western Union
            Supply Ability 100 Units per month
            Packaging Details Wooden case.Well packaged.Suitable for long distance sea or air transportation

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