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            • Name: Four Axis Linkage Welding Machine
            • NO.: 07
            • Date: 2011-08-24
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            Heat created by highly concentrated and focused laser will melt the welding wires instantly together with the broken part on the mould. The welded part can be smoothened by electric sparking or grinding. Trachoma, crack, broken corner or edge can be quickly and nicely repaired.

            Weld point, straight line, circle, square or any plane graphs drawn by AUTOCAD; weld vertical track.

            Wide range of adjustments of the laser output parameters allows to process metal parts made of steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and alloys. Dimensions of the parts can be varied from very small (e. G. Wires) to rather big (300x 200x100 mm) and up to 100 KG weight and more.


            Technology Parameter:

            Model HP200W HP400W
            Maxiumn laser power(W) 200 400
            Laser wavelength(nm) 1064 1064
            Single pulse energy(J) 90 150
            Welding frequency(HZ)  1-50,1-100  1-50,1-100,1-500
            Welding depth(mm)  0.1-2.5  0.1-3.5
            Pulse width(ms)  0.5-20 0.5-20
            Spot size(mm) 0.2-2 0.2-2
            Power required  single-phase  220v/50Hz   three-phase  380V50Hz
            Rated power(KW)  4 6.5
            Control System Control System PLC/IPC PLC/IPC
            Positioning System Red light indicator/CCD Red light indicator/CCD
            Workbench(mm) 300*200*200(customize) 300*200*200(customize)
            Suitable for welding or repairing on various of metals, alloy, mould steel.

            (1)Thin Metal Sheets, Titanium, kettle, vacuum cup, stainless steel bowl, Jewelry, door handle, mould.

            (2)Stainless steel products, golf head, zinc alloy artworks.

            (3)Aluminum alloy, laptop shell, mobile phone battery, electric apparatus fittings, filter, nozzle.

            (4)Tical Fiber Coupler, Electron Gun, Capacitors, Lithium-ion batteries,sensor, tungsten wire, high power diode, tc.



            Titanium Industries, Battery Manufacturers, Jewelry Manufacturers, Watch Industries, Electrical Switch Industries, Optic Fiber Industries, Thin Sheets and so on.