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            • Name: Laser Welding Machine
            • NO.: XHP-200A
            • Date: 2015-05-20
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            • No bubble, sinking, thermal strain and structure changes
            • Multiple-degree moving control to support wide application range
            • Real-time current feedback system to ensure the stability of the laser power
            • Professional motion control system to achieve 3D moving by industrial control rocker




            SHINHOP 302 is mainly used in repairing sand holes, cracks, worn borders, mobile phone and other tiny parts of components etc. 


            Model  SHINHOP 302
             Laser    YAG  
             Max. laser output power    150-600W  
             Max. laser peak power    6KW-18KW  
             Max. laser pulse energy    30J-120J/5ms( Opt 60J/10ms 90J/10ms)  
             Pulse width    0.1-50ms  
             Pulse frequency    1-200Hz  
             Number of pulse shape    50 groups  
             Repetition precision    0.05 mm  
             Worktable movingn range (XxYxZ,)   700×700×350mm  (Z axis 360 degree rotary)
             Worktable load    300kg  
             Closed loop feed back function    Current real-time feedback  
             Cooling method    Water cooling  
             Power supply    380±5%V/40A  
             Power consumption    15KW  
             Dimensions (LxWxH )    Optical system: 1480×610×1100mm 

            Cooling system: 810×570×805mm  

             Weight    Optical system: 760KG Cooling system: 140KG  

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