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            • Name: Series 500W-1000W-1500W Fiber Laser Cutters
            • NO.: XHP-GX500A
            • Date: 2015-05-20
            • Views : 1176


            • Low running cost
            • Low energy consumption
            • Low maintenance cost
            • High performance
            • High speed
            • High quality
            • High accuracy
            • High efficiency




            Commonly used in the high-speed, high-precision cutting of thin metal sheets such as carbon steel, stainless steel, spring steel, alloy steel, galvanized steel sheet, aluminium sheet, etc.
            XHP-GX500A Series Fiber Laser Cutter, developed by Han's Laser Medium/Low Power Processing Equipment Product Line, is a mature product up to international advanced level. This series of products have the incomparable advantages of powerful cutting ability, outstanding cutting speed, extremely-low running cost, excellent stability, high-quality processing ability and strong adaptability, etc.

            XHP-GX500A Series Fiber Laser Cutter consists of laser generator, control system, motion system, optical system, cooling system, fume-extraction system and gas-blowing system, etc. It adopts the most advanced control mode to realize multi-axis simultaneous coordinated motion and automatic power regulation with speed, it also adopts servo motor and transmission and guide structure with excellent performance to achieve good motion accuracy in high-speed state.

              Laser wavelength


              Max. laser output power


              Total power


              Cutting range (X-axis, Y-axis)


              Machine outer dimensions (L x W x H)


              Max. positioning speed


              Max. cutting speed


              X/Y/Z-axis stroke


              X/Y-axis worktable repeating positioning accuracy


              Z-axis positioning accuracy


              Z-axis repeating positioning accuracy



            Material Thickness (mm) Cutting speed (mm/s) Auxiliary gas
             Stainless steel 1 180 Air
            2 35 Nitrogen
            3 5 Nitrogen
             Carbon steel 1 200 Oxygen
            2 80 Oxygen
            3 35 Oxygen
            4 25 Oxygen
            5 15 Oxygen
            6 12 Oxygen

            Remark: Take 500W for example, for cutting speed, please refers to the above table. It is the actual processing speed (not limit speed) for ensuring processing effect.


            Machine model characteristics

              Low running cost

              High optical-electrical conversion efficiency up to 30%, saving power consumption during machine running.

              Low energy consumption

              Extremely-low power consumption which is 20%~30% less than traditional CO2 laser cutter.

              Low maintenance cost

              Almost maintenance-free because without reflector, there is no need to adjust optical path。;

              High performance

              The fiber laser generator is imported from famous brand, stable performance, with service life of over 100,000 hours.

              High speed

              Capable of blowing air when cut different kinds of thin metal sheets, with cutting speed of ten meters per minute.

              High quality

              Excellent cutting edge, with little deformation, smooth and aesthetic appearance.

              High accuracy

              The imported high-precision servo motor and transmission and guide structure to insure the high cutting accuracy. positioning accuracy of ±0.015mm.

              High efficiency

              Software with powerful functions and excellent performance, capable of designing different kinds of graphics and texts at will for cutting immediately; easy, flexible and convenient to operate.

            Advantages and scope of application

            Commonly used in the high-speed, high-precision cutting of thin metal sheets such as carbon steel, stainless steel, spring steel, alloy steel, galvanized steel sheet, aluminum sheet, etc.

              Kitchen cabinets and kitchenware (cabinet combinations)

             Various cabinets (e.g.: electric appliance cabinets)

             Office furniture

              Metal doors and windows


              Advertisement signboards

             White furniture

              Electronic components

              Mobile phone, MP3

              Heat-dissipation and ventilation pipes

              Home furnishings

              Motor laminated plates

              Metal casings 

              Automobile accessories