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            What's the differences about YAG, CO2 and fiber laser cutting machines?


            1, YAG laser cutting machine: the laser cutting equipment with low price and good stability properties, mainly for drilling, spot welding and sheet cutting. Energy efficiency is low, the current output power 600W or less, not cutting non-metallic materials, maintaining needs a large expense. 

            2, CO2 laser cutting equipment. It can cut thicker metal sheet metal, non-metallic materials are also good cutting results. But the low photoelectric conversion efficiency, a huge equipment, high maintenance costs.

            3, fiber laser cutting machine. Optical fiber transmission, high degree of flexibility, speed, low point of failure, low maintenance cost, easy maintenance, photoelectric conversion rate, has a great cost advantage in supporting aspects of the system, mainly used for cutting sheet metal 20mm or less. The laser beam can not easily be absorbed by highly reflective materials, the effect of cutting highly reflective material is not very good, not cutting non-metal materials.